About Us

Third Coast Roller Derby

Executive Summary

Establish and maintain self-sustain sports entertainment club with transparent business practices. 

Mission Statement:
Empower women and their supporters through physical fitness, competition and philanthropy. 

Keys to Success:
Roller derby is a full contact sport that is becoming more popular and competitive. This club will create a positive and enriching atmosphere not only for the members but the community it operates within.


Director of Operations - Lori (Minion) Greer: Coordinate scheduling events including practices, staffing, training, and fundraising. Create and maintain short and long term goals and ensuring those goals are being met. Review financial statements and reports in conjunction with other board members. Act as a tie breaker in voting situations. 

Manager of Operations - Hannah (Hannarchy) Pierro: Establish and maintain club owned safety gear loaner system, function as club safety officer, create and maintain club insurance policies, and appoint and oversee committee chairs. Review financial statements and reports in conjunction with other board members.

Member at large, liaison - Sam (Dirty South) Greer: Establish and maintain relationships with current and potential members. Act as a point of contact for members who have enquiry with the board. Assist with conflict resolution within club. Review financial statements and reports in conjunction with other board members.

Information Technology Manager - Andrew (Badger) Pierro: Establish and maintain technology outlets for the club’s internal and external communications. Provide user friendly points of access for club members and constituents. Review financial statements and reports in conjunction with other board members.

Business and Financial Manager - Mae (Mae Hem) Petersen: Establish and maintain Club bank account. Provide monthly balance sheets and budgets for club as well as provide written budgets for the club. Maintain any certifications or licensing required by club. Review financial statements and reports in conjunction with other board members.